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Treasurer’s Sale

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 171 of 1984, approved by the Governor October 11, 1984, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which in part authorizes and empowers the City Treasurer of cities of the second class to sell, at public sale, lands or real estate upon which the taxes assessed and levied by the City or School District or Allegheny County are delinquent and unpaid; this Act is known as the Second Class City Treasurer’s Sale and Collection Act.
The following properties in the City of Pittsburgh will be exposed to public sale in City Council Chambers, City-County Building, 5th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA, on Friday, December 14, 2018 at 10:00 A.M. and continued by adjournment to such time or times, as the City Treasurer shall designate such properties shall be sold for unpaid taxes which have been assessed against said properties. The following schedule shows (opposite each numbered property or properties) the City, School and County taxes for 2017 and prior years as well as PWSA, demolition, and other municipal charges which are unpaid but does not include advertising, posting and lien charges all of which are legally due and must be paid prior to the above date and time of sale in order to avoid sale. Names shown are those of owners, lienholders, or other known interested parties who may retain a legal interest in the property described.
Said Sale will be made without prejudice to any other liens or claims of the City, School District of Pittsburgh or County of Allegheny, for any other unpaid taxes, or other municipal charges and claims, whether liened or not, against the respective property which have been inadvertently omitted and not included herein.
TERMS OF SALE: As soon as the property is struck down, the purchaser shall:
(1) Immediately pay the advertised amount by cashier/certified check or cash set forth opposite the particular property sold. Payment must be in cash, certified check or cashier’s check.
(2) Any amount bid in excess of the upset price must be received in the Department of Finance on or before 2:00 P.M. the day of sale. Funds to be paid by cash, certified check or cashier’s check.
(3) Pay any and all other City, School and County tax claims and municipal charges and claims, whether liened or not, together with any penalty and interest, advertising cost, posting cost and County Department of Court Records’ costs owed against the property purchased upon demand after the sale.
(4) Failure to comply with item 3 will result in the initial payment being forfeited and the sale being canceled.
For information call the Office of the City Treasurer, City of Pittsburgh, City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Phone: 412-255-2525.
Margaret L. Lanier,
City and School District of Pittsburgh

Sixth Ward
1. Roscoe Gregory J - 1060025m00161 00 3007 Brereton St, Denny Est Plan 27 Blk 5 Lot 25x120 Brereton Ave 3 Sty Brk Hse 3007 2 Sty Fra Hse Rear
Partial Claim $12,560.72
Twelfth Ward
2. Cooper Alonzo K - 1120124l00263 00 6544 Rowan St, F G Haug Plan Pt 33-34 Lot 22.83x68 In All Rowan Bet Montezuma & Paulson 2 Sty Fra Dwlg 6544
Partial Claim $4,844.28
3. Staten Charles B & Staten Dorothy E - 1120125b00059 00. 6532 Winslow St, E H Houston Plan 20-21 Lot 26x80 In All Winslow St 2 1/2 Sty Brk V Hse 6532
Partial Claim $2,585.66
4. Green Lawrence Henry & Green Dornata Elizabeth - 1120173a00206 00. 1365 Paulson Ave, Wm L Curry Plan Pts 34-35 Lot 18.9x120 In All Paulson Av 2 Sty Brk Hse 1365
Partial Claim $21,199.21
5. Green Lawrence Henry & Green Dornata Elizabeth - 1120173a00207 00. 1367 Paulson Ave, Wm L Curry Plan Pt 35 Lot 18.60x120 Paulson Ave 2 Sty Brk Hse 1367
Partial Claim $27,462.33
6. Johnson William T & Johnson Dolores A - 1120173e00287 00. 7117 Lemington Ave, Lot 26.72xavg109 Lemington Av 2 1/2 Sty Brk Hse 7117
Partial Claim $39,332.44
7. Sanford Ernest - 1120173j00376000200. Vassar St, Chadwick Pl Plan Pt 189 Lot 15.28x100 Vassar St 2 Sty Brk Hse #7135
Partial Claim $21,316.96
Thirteenth Ward
8. Morris Keith - 1130174f00180 00 7324 Monticello St, Homewood Driving Pk Plan 535 Lot 25x93 Monticello St 2 Sty Brk Hse 7324 1 Sty I C Gar
Partial Claim $26,155.61
10. Parrish Prentice & Parrish Matilda M - 1130175h00116 00. Tioga St, L & J Zollinger Plan Pt 41 & Pt 42 Lot 25x132 In All Tioga St Nr Rosedale St
Partial Claim $1,445.29
11. Hall George H & Hall Ruth L - 1130175h00117 00. Tioga St, L & J Zollinger Plan Pt 42 Lot 25x132 Tioga St Bet Rosedale & Dunbar
Partial Claim $4,805.53
12. Hall George & Hall Ruth Lillian - 1130175h00118 00. 7921 Tioga St, L & J Zollinger Plan Pt 43 Lot 30x86 Tioga St R R Rosedale St
Partial Claim $15,759.98
14. Est Of Rubena Worsham - 1130231n00099 00. 8222 Bricelyn St, East View Plan Pt 14 Lot 18.52x70 Bricely St 2 Sty Brk Hse 8222
Partial Claim $28,814.74
15. Richards Francine - 1130231n00101 00. 8216 Bricelyn St, East View Plan PT 15 Lot 17.27x70 Bricelyn St 2 Sty Brk Hse 8216
Partial Claim $12,186.30
16. Foster Allen & Foster Sharon D - 1130231n00104 00. 8210 Bricelyn St, East View Plan Pt 16 Lot 18.21x70 Bricelyn St 2 Sty Brk Party Wall Brk Hse 8210
Partial Claim $19,927.44
17. Garner Florence, Salters Eleanor & Est Of Marguerite Moore - 1130232c00166 00. 2099 Calistoga Pl, East Hills Park Devel Phase 1 Stage 6 East Gate 3rd Plan 318 Irreg Lot 156.64x97.49x141.30 Cal Place 1 Sty Brk Ven Hse 2099
Partial Claim $52,465.16
Eighteenth Ward
18. Jones Ray K & King Dawn R - 1180015l00195 00 111 Chalfont St, McLain & Maple Plan 950 Lot 25x102.5 Chalfont St
Partial Claim $43,692.04
19. Walker William & Walker Estella A - 1180015l00197 00. 617 Montooth St, BEltzhoover Plan Pts 951- 952-953-954 Lot 21.50 X100 In All Montooth St 2 Sty Fra Hse 617
Partial Claim $3,420.73
Nineteenth Ward
20. Klewien Barbara Ann - 1190004f00244 00 116 1/2 Natchez St, Richard Cowan Plan Pt 86 Lot 17.25x165 Natchez St 2 Sty Brk Hse 116 1/2
Partial Claim $3,328.99
Twentieth Ward
21. Antonucci Frank & Antonucci Jean McTighe - 1200019c00184 00 211 Amherst St, Lorenzberg Plan Pts 53 To 56 Incl Lot 24x84.17 In All Amherst 2 Sty Fra Hse 211
Partial Claim $33,791.03
22. Adams Sandra & Adams Chris - 1200042m00178 00. 2921 Merwyn Ave, Sheraden Terr Plan 418 Lot 25x100 Merwyn Ave Hillsboro & Winston 2 Sty Fra Hse 2921
Partial Claim $6,799.15
Twenty Sixth Ward
23. Branch Carmen R - 1260046j00269 00 306 Elsdon St, Emmerson Plan 33 Lot 25x100 Elsden Ave 2 1/2 Sty Fra-Insel Brk Hse 306
Partial Claim $25,664.43
Twenty Seventh Ward
24. Stephens Barrett R - 1270076j00342a 00 7 Courtright St, Pt 27 Lot 20x75
Partial Claim $29,838.95
Twenty Ninth Ward
25. Tm Property Solutions LLC - 1290033p00265 00 35 Cedricton St, Trost Garden Plan 17 Lot 25x120.88 Cedricton St 2 Sty Brk Hse 35
Partial Claim $21,033.73
Thirtieth Ward
26. Watson Alfred K - 1300014k00203 00 316 Jucunda St, Knox Bausman Matthews Plan 156 Pt 155 Lot 37.5x 100 In All Jucunda
Partial Claim $18,461.11
27. Porter Sharon - 1300014k00205 00. 312 Jucunda St, Knox Bausman Mathews Plan 157 Lot 25x100 Jucunda St 2 1/2 Sty Brk Hse 312
Partial Claim $12,295.96
Thirty First Ward
28. Gogarty Thomas - 1310184j00377 00 1200 Rodgers St, Lincoln Place Plan 563-564-565 Lot 92.51x120x57 .49 Rr In All Rodgers Ave 1 1/2 Sty Brk V Hse & Int Gar 1200
Partial Claim $41,034.91