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Treasurer’s Sale


Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 171 of 1984, approved by the Governor October 11, 1984, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which in part authorizes and empowers the City Treasurer of cities of the second class to sell, at public sale, lands or real estate upon which the taxes assessed and levied by the City or School District or Allegheny County are delinquent and unpaid; this Act is known as the Second Class City Treasurer’s Sale and Collection Act.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and in an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19 the following properties in the City of Pittsburgh will be exposed to public sale at an online auction on Friday, December 17th, 2021 at 10:00 A.M. and continued by adjournment to such time or times, as the City Treasurer shall designate such properties shall be sold for unpaid taxes which have been assessed against properties. Please visit https://pittsburghpa.gov/finance  for additional information.

The following schedule shows (opposite each numbered property or properties) the City, School and County taxes for 2020 and prior years as well as PWSA, demolition, and other municipal charges which are unpaid but does not include advertising, posting and lien charges all of which are legally due and must be paid prior to the above date and time of sale in order to avoid sale.  Names shown are those of owners, lienholders, or other known interested parties who may retain a legal interest in the property described.

Said Sale will be made without prejudice to any other liens or claims of the City, School District of Pittsburgh or County of Allegheny, for any other unpaid taxes, or other municipal charges and claims, whether liened or not, against the respective property which have been inadvertently omitted and not included herein.

TERMS OF SALE: As soon as the property is struck down, the purchaser shall:

(1) Bidder must pay in full their winning bid amount in cash, certified check or cashiers check. Funds must be received in the Department of Finance, City County Building, First Floor Cashier’s Office, 414 Grant St, Pittsburgh PA 15219, on or before 2:00 P.M. the day of sale.

(2) Pay any and all other City, School and County tax claims and municipal charges and claims, whether liened or not, together with any penalty and interest, advertising cost, posting cost and County Department of Court Records’ costs owed against the property purchased upon demand after the sale.

(3)Failure to comply with item 2 will result in the initial payment being forfeited and the sale being canceled.

For information call the Office of the City Treasurer, City of Pittsburgh, City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Phone: (412) 255-2525


Kevin Pawlos,

Acting Treasurer, City and School
District of Pittsburgh


Third Ward

1. Est Of I V Willis & Jones Robert E - 1030009m00257a 00. 12 Monaca Pl, Thos Liggett Plan Pt 21 Lot 13.11xavg12.555 Rr Monaca Pl 2 1/2 Sty Hse 12

Partial Claim $19,030.30

2. Doyle Raymond W & Doyle Irma Mae - 1030011e00317 00. Miller St, Jacob Tomer Plan Pts Lot 14-15 29 X 93

Partial Claim $3,492.22

Sixth Ward

3. St Paul Baptist Church William T Aed - 1060026f00202 00. Bethoven St, 29 Blk 25 Lot 25x100 Beethoven Bet Finland & Bigelow Blvd

Partial Claim $10,158.16

Tenth Ward

4. Mclaughlin Herbert & Mclaughlin Terry - 1100050b00292 00. 4827 Sullivan St, Schenley View Addn Pl Pts 460 To 464 Inc Lot 92.09xavg94.69x98.75 Sullivan St 2 Sty Alum Sdg Hse - Int Gar

Partial Claim $25,801.22

Eleventh Ward

5. Smith David L & Smith Edna R - 1110083k00288 00. Borland St, Pts 17-18 Lot 17.60x100 In All Borland St

Partial Claim $9,043.04

Twelfth Ward

8. Herriot Louise & Hawthorne Curtis Lee - 1120173b00008 00. Westmoreland Ave, Arlington Place Plan 55 Irreg Lot 101.39x144.33x66.31

Partial Claim $23,408.46

9. Ellison Mildred D - 1120173r00109 00. 1440 Oberlin St, East End Ter Plan 495-496 Lot 50x95.06 In All Oberlin 1 Sty Brk Ven Bung 1440 1 Sty Dble I C Gar

Partial Claim $3,619.01

Thirteenth Ward

10. Brown Curtis Sr - 1130174j00135 00. 710 N Homewood Ave, R M Kennedy Plan157-158 Lot 45x120 In All Homewood Bet Kelly & Bennett 3 Sty Brk & Stl Bldg 710

Partial Claim $94,455.87

11. Negris Caulis - 1130174n00084 00. N Homewood Ave, Mellon Pl Plan 40 Pt 39 Lot 23.4xavg100.89x5.48 Rr In All Homewood Ave 2 Sty Fra Hse-Store 615

Partial Claim $994.11

12. Avery Patricia - 1130175d00134 00. 7923 Tacoma St, Pt Of Elizabeth McKee Subd Plan A Purp 1 Lot 4 5xavg118.34 Tacoma St 2 Sty Fra Dble Hse 7923-7925 I C Gar

Partial Claim $16,972.67

13. Wofford Gregory - 1130231p00110 00. Rolfe St, Plan 228 Lot 25x110x25 In All Rolfe St 2 1/2 Sty Brk Hse-8363-unf

Partial Claim $623.28

14. Wofford Gregory - 1130231p00112022700. Rolfe St, Plan 227-226 Lot = 13.69x155.38x123.44 Rolfe St

Partial Claim $3,637.99

Fifteenth Ward

15. Jadell Minniefield Construction Services Inc - 1150056f00163 00. 229 Glencaladh St, J Nixon Plan Pt 36 & 37 Lot 14.74x125 In All Glencaldah St 2 Sty Brk V Hse 229 1 Sty Brk & Tile Gar

Partial Claim $1,511.73

17. Santaguido Jennifer - 1150056f00173a 00. 207 Glen Caladh St, Jos Nixion Plan Pts 45-46 Lot 13.55x75x13.98 Rr In All Glencaladh St 2 Sty Brk V Hse 207

Partial Claim $1,761.05

18. Est Of Mohammed Mustakeem - 1150056f00174 00. 205 Glen Caladh St, Jos Nixon Plan Pt 46 Lot 13.74x75 Glencaldah St 2 Sty Brk Hse 205

Partial Claim $27,203.42

21. Rem Hazelwood Llc - 1150056k00319 00. 5011 Gertrude St, Lot 22xavg75 In All Gertrude St 2 Sty Alu Sid Hse 5011

Partial Claim $19,738.69

Sixteenth Ward

23. Schimmel Earl & Schimmel Norma P - 1160032b00102a 00. 300 Burr St, Lot 24.99xavg87 Burr St 2 Sty Al Sdg Hse-Int Gar 300

Partial Claim $906.22

24. Blon Edward - 1180015d00083a 00. 203 Kingsboro St, Grandview Plan Pts 811-812-813 Lot 16.34xavg73. 36 In All Kingsboro St 2 Sty Brk Hse 203

Partial Claim $4,870.52

Eighteenth Ward

25. One Hibiscus Lp - 1180015d00123 00. 75 Pasadena St, Grandview Plan 744 Lot 25x100 Pasadena Bet Eureka & Kingsboro 2 1/2 Sty Brk V & Fra Hse #75

Partial Claim $5,923.75

Twentieth Ward

26. Perez Edvin Ruben Vasquez & Alvarez Angelica Guadalupe Aquilar - 1200042c00176 00. 402 Tabor St, McGunnigle Plan 121 Lot 25x110 Tabor Ave 2 1/2 Sty Fra-Alum Sdg Hse 1 Sty C B Gar

Partial Claim $2,594.22

27. Mccreary Carolyn E - 1200071g00208 00. 3641 Harlow Pl, Harlow Village Plan 32 Lot 50x108.51 Harlow Place 1 Sty Brk & Al Sdg Hse-Int Gar #3641

Partial Claim $15,389.60

28. Williams Samuel W & Williams Cleo D - 1200071m00012 00. Isoline St, Lot 148x113.95 In All Isoline St

Partial Claim $13,026.15

Twenty First Ward

29. Pomeroy Delores E - 1210045p00098 00. 1233 Island Ave, Lot 36x134.25 Island Ave To Success St 2 1/2 Sty Alum Sdg Hse #1233 2 Car Alum Sdg Gar

Partial Claim $17,315.66

Twenty Fifth Ward

30. Pettway Annie C - 1250023a00148 00. Geranium St, West Part 17 Lot 25xavg134.5 Geranium To Buena Vista St

Partial Claim $1,789.16

Twenty Sixth Ward

32. Hoffman Philip & Hoffman Anna S - 1260047e00086 00. Luella St, Pentecost Plan 67 Lot 28xavg105x24 Rr Luella St 2 Sty Fra & Shg Hse 69

Partial Claim $25,075.39

33. Idea Inventure Investments LLC - 1260047e00203 00. 99 Royal St, Lot 46.75x82x46.75 Rr In All Royal St 2 Sty Fra Shg Hse & 1 Sty Fra Alum Sdg Hse 99
Partial Claim $21,039.10

Twenty Seventh Ward

34. Roland Joseph, Roland Howard & Roland Harry - 1270044m00106 00. California Ave, Hay Walker Jr Plan Pt 14 Lot 26.96xavg95.42 Cal Ifornia Ave

Partial Claim $7,380.61

Twenty Eighth Ward

35. Bradley Alfred & Monah Mary - 1280070c00025 00. 3410 Clearfield St, 1 Sty Fra Gar Pleasant Hill 1st Plan 95 Ely 1/2 Of 94 Lot 45x 100 In All Clearfield 2 1/2 Sty Brk Hse 3410

Partial Claim $12,459.77