Subscriptions & FAQ's


Subscriptions to the printed copy of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal are available by calling 412-261-6255. Subscribers to the printed copy of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal are given a username and password that allows them to log onto the Pittsburgh Legal Journal website at no additional charge.

Subscriptions to Allegheny Lawyers Online may be obtained by calling 412-402-6687. This feature is a clipping service. Subscribers will be provided with information from the daily Pittsburgh Legal Journal of all pertinent words (i.e., attorney names or clients) that are provided by the user. Search results from this services are posted on the Allegheny Lawyers Online website each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my username and password work?

  1. Someone else might be logged into your account. Your password only works for one user at a time, and is disabled for a period of ten minutes from the time the last user logs off of the website.
  2. You are using a browser that does not have cookies enabled.
  3. You are trying to access information that you do not have a subscription for. If you have a subscription to the Pittsburgh Legal Journal, you are only able to view information on the PLJ site, not the Allegheny Lawyers Online site. Conversely, your ALO password does not grant you access to the PLJ website.